Can you explain ' glans conditioning ', cavalier?
How have I gone from being able to hang 8.75 lbs 2 hours a day every day of the week to not even being able to hang 10 for 1 hour without getting a blister when I'm USING THE SAME AIR PRESSURE as I was at 8.75 lbs. Does the weight have an effect on glans conditioning or is it only pressure? I usually use a heat pad the whole time I'm hanging but I've done that since I first started and have never had problems till recently jumping up to 10.

Also, if I pump up with my glans in the chamber, then release the vaccum back to zero, then pump up again to the vaccum I want will there be more pressure on my glans than had I just pumped up once? Will the wrap be tighter around my glans and/or will my glans expansion be more if I do this 2 or 3 times rather than just once even though my air pressure is still the same when I begin to hang?