Greetings forum users!

I have recently gotten back into PE after a long hiatus and decided to try out some devices, specifically, the Bathmate Hydromax Pump and the Phallosan Forte.

I've been using both and having a blast but have a few questions for those who have looked into modifying these devices, mostly out of curiosity but also to up the comfort and/or gains of these devices in the long term.

Bathmate questions: For those who have used the Wine Vacu Vin Mod for the Bathmate pumps, is it worth it? Does it give a stronger pump over the hand ball or the same? Does it only work on certain models of the Bathmate?

Phallosan questions: For those who have experienced slipping, how do you handle that, a smaller sleeve or a third party penis sleeve cut to size? Have you experimented with any alternate stretching methods such as the knee strap or others, and if so, how does it compare?

Also, on the topic of penis sleeves. I saw that people were saying that the LG hanger sleeves did a good job at replacing the Phallosan sleeves but in searching for sleeves also found cheaper and longer sleeves of thicker diameter from Zen Hanger that can be used as ADSs, comfort pads for ADSs, or used in conjuction with pumping to "increase the resistance" of the pump.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these two and have a preference? And what about wearing a penis sleeve while pumping? I've been using a cock ring for pumping and been loving that so I'm wondering how the two would compare.

Thanks for your help, feel free to answer any and all questions that you can below and I appreciate your time! I will update this post with the answers to these questions as I or others figure them out!