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I have posted on this before, like Luis, but have now entered month 4 of using it, along with completing jp 90.
I have gone from 6inch bpel, to 7.25" bpel and bpfsl to 7.5" .
I like the restore x bc i only use it at most 90 mins a day. The gains have slowed down, but the first month was like around .5" gain. I dont have the peroines thing, just used it for length. Honestly, the mechanism to clamp the head kinda hurts but you get used it. The plus is it works and only have to use it twice a day for 30 mins each session. Im going to keep using it to cement gains, but am working now towards girth and just got a bathmate to help fill out my new length.
Any updates from your experience? reading some decent talk about from non-PE forums, making me extra curious.