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    This is a little device or gadget I would like to share with everyone here.

    So recently I've started stretching and I didn't like the poor grip my hands have with stretching.

    I had some parts from older pe devices laying around and so I came up with the following device that helps with stretching.

    It can be a bit painful the first minutes but after the glans swells up it's not half bad and I can stretch for 20 mins or more. (it feels a little like a rod extender)

    I like stretching my member around the legs and under/behind my butt and pulling with this device gives a lot more force than what I can do with the grip of my hands.

    At first I thought it would only be a for fun one time only experiment but it works so well that it's now an inherant part of my manuel exercises.



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    I bought this from eBay but have yet to try it.


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      It does hurt a lot on the glans so I've updated it with this:

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        OUCH! That looks extremely dangerous!
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          Originally posted by Marlon LGHanger View Post
          OUCH! That looks extremely dangerous!
          No pain no gain.
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            Here is picture of it in action.

            I use an extra piece of cloth which makes it more comfortable.

            I use it for 30 min per day with different strechting styles.

            Pulling around the legs is especially strong.

            I hope to see some length gains in the near future from this.

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              I use a similar set up using the VacExtender vacuum cap. However, I also use the VacExtender base cushion ($20) around the base of my shaft. I then attach a 36” bungee cord to the hook on the cap and wrap the bungee around my waist and hook the other end to the base cushion around the base. I now have an all day stretcher. I tie knots in the bungee to increase tension.
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                I use this in combination with my stealth inner wear. I bought a stealth inner wear that was too large but the device in the pic prevents slippage. Just watch out for blisters when using a vac setup and you're good. All day stretcher for flaccid gains.


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                  Interested in this.. where can I find the pieces to make one?