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Hanging Device: Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum (RSDT)

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  • Hanging Device: Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum (RSDT)

    Hanging Device: Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum (RSDT)

    When Should I start Using Fulcrums?
    The RSDT is an excellent fulcrum for creating massive deformation along the Tunica while hanging weight from the penis. Before you attempt any Tunica work your LOT should be 6 O'clock, which means your penis should be exiting your body nearly straight down. This means you have no more potential ligament stretch gains. If you started with your LOT at 6, you should still hang BTC for at least a month (or two) to confirm you have no more potential ligament stretch gains.

    Once you confirm your have absolutely maximized suspensory ligament deformation gains, you're ready to start Tunica deformation work. If your LOT is naturally very low (e.g. 6-7), you should spend some time hanging Over the Shoulder (OTS) or Straight Up (SU) for at least a few months before you attempt fulcrum work. Once you've had 6 months to a year of hanging experience You're ready for fulcrums.

    Fulcrums & Peyronie's Disease
    Hanging weight while using a fulcrum is an excellent way to break up tough collagenous tissues and create deformation that will allow you to straighten out your penis and correct conditions such as Peyronie's Disease.

    Fulcrums: Very Intense & Perhaps Dangerous, but Effective
    Extreme care must be taken with fulcrums. Start with a fraction of your normal hanging weight and exercise caution. Fulcrums exert powerful forces on your penis, and you'll need to pay close attention to make sure you don't hurt yourself while using one. Hanging is already dangerous, fulcrums take the intensity & the danger to new levels.

    Hanging weight from your penis over or under a fulcrum is possibly the most intense form of PE in existence, this is why care must be taken. While I already advise not to combine hanging with other routines, I think this is doubly important with fulcrums. With the dangerous amount of force these devices can apply to your penis, there should be no need for any other form(s) of fatigue. Some guys use thin fulcrums such as a wooden dowel covered by a cloth (dangerous), while other's find this far too painful. It's probably best to only use fulcrums at least 2.5" in diameter. However, you can follow your feelings on this, and by the time you're using a fulcrum you're probably very experienced already, so you can make your own choice on this matter.

    RSDT: Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum
    Possibly the best fulcrum to start with is the RSDT. This device will introduce you to the massive fatigue these devices can create and prepare you for the use of other fulcrums. I have included instructions from Bib's forum on how to make your own RSDT. If you follow the source link, you can see some pictures. I have not built my own RSDT yet, otherwise, I would attach a picture for you.

    How to Build the Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum (RDST)

    Source: How to Build the RSDT
    Bib: "Guys,

    RSDT: Introduction
    OK, this is a bit of a different deal for me. Something I did not do when hanging for gains, but I that I think has great merit. I usually don’t recommend techniques where I do not have a good deal of experience. But this is different.

    This was reported to me in an email, by a guy that does not wish to post on the forums. He gave me permission to do with it as I wish. He has hung for seventeen months, and so far has reported making 2 3/8 inches in EBPL. About one inch was made fairly quickly, hanging at the BTC angle, and the rest hanging OTS with and without a fulcrum, and SO with and without a fulcrum.

    Now, I tried this out, just because of his comments about the techniques. I do not hang for gains anymore. I did not try this for long, because I felt I would gain doing it fairly easily. Tunica fatigue as I have never felt it before. If you do this, please realize it has limited testing. Although more and more all the time.

    Basically, this is using a rice sock as the fulcrum, but with a solid difference. When making your rice sock, you will probably need a few tries to get the correct size and shape. But the materials needed are cheap.

    RSDT Building Instructions

    First, estimate the size of the fulcrum you will need, measuring from the seat of your hanging chair, to the bottom of your penis, while hanging in the SO position.. Then, add a bit on top of that.

    Forming the Sock
    Next, you want to fill a good sized rice sock, enough to where that height dimension is reached when the sock is flattened out, then add a bit more. Tie off the sock to where there is not much extra room; fairly tight. Then, wrap duct tape around the sock lengthwise, This will make the sock wider or taller, however you wish to look at it. Then, wrap the sock with duct tape laterally, a bit tight in the middle, and looser toward the ends. This will give you a valley in which your shaft can ride while hanging. When you are finished, the fulcrum should look wide or tall, and rather flat.

    Next is the important part. Take a plastic drink cup, preferably with thick walls, and cut out a piece of the plastic a bit smaller than the area of one side of the rice sock. Lay this on the rice sock, and use duct tape to firmly secure it to the sock, wrapping around the entire fulcrum several times. Completely cover the plastic. That’s it.

    Now, you have roughly three sides of the fulcrum that are somewhat soft, and one side that is hard. The hard side is the hanger side. The opposite soft side will ride against your inner thighs or buttocks while hanging. The top with the valley is of course for the shaft. The other side rides on the chair seat.

    Hanging with the RSDT
    Simply attach the hanger as normal. Then, put the fulcrum in place, on the chair seat between your legs. Then, place your shaft over the fulcrum with the hanger on the other side of the fulcrum. Very important: Before adding the weight, hold the hanger in place over the fulcrum, and pull the extra shaft skin, scrotal skin, testicles, etc, back either over the fulcrum, or on top of the fulcrum. I found having the balls split, one on each side of the shaft, and on top of the fulcrum, to be comfortable. THEN add the weight.

    To begin, and until you are comfortable with this technique, use very little weight. I recommend cutting the normal amount used for SO in HALF, perhaps less.

    Double Fulcrum & Sitting Positions
    With this setup, what results is actually a double fulcrum action. Not only does the shaft have a gentle bend in it, placing great stress on the top side of the tunica (the septum in particular), but also the skids of the hanger attempt to swing down and into the fulcrum. With the hard plastic in position, the skids are firmly halted, and you get greater stress on the top of the shaft. The stretch is incredible.

    The position of your butt on the chair seat matters greatly. You can scoot down in the seat, with your pelvis tilted back, and the hanger sticking almost straight out, with the weights hanging almost straight down. This results in a great double fulcrum situation, which can even stress the ligs somewhat.

    Another great thing: While in the above position, with your butt toward the edge of the chair, and the hanger sticking out, and the weights hanging straight down; you can turn the hanger to either side, a very slight twist, to further stress the sides of the septum in a dedicated fashion. The force of the weight pulling the skids into the hard plastic will keep the hanger in place, with this small turn.

    Or you can scoot back in the chair, sitting up straight, with the hanger pointed down, and have a greater bend in the shaft, but a bit less double fulcrum action. Either way, it is a great stretch.

    RSDT: Tips & Further Advice
    Once you learn how to do it, it takes literally seconds to set up. The uncomfortable fulcrum will be a thing of the past.

    Tips: With the type of duct tape I used, I could still heat the rice sock in the microwave. Check your duct tape before using to make sure there is no metal in it.

    If the sticky stuff bleeds from the tape, use some talc or Vaseline to render it inert. It can stick to the skin.

    If the stress becomes too great during a set, you can simply lift up the hanger, and take out the fulcrum, giving a straight SO angle. This effectively changes the angle to hit all of the tunica, but with a previously stretched septum, it will be more effective.

    This same type thing works great for OTS. However, you will probably need to make another fulcrum of a more rounded nature, a tube. The combination of the rice sock and duct tape is really great, and the ideas are limitless.

    A combination of OTS and SO, with and without a fulcrum, gives four great angles for tunica stretch, that should budge the toughest tunica. This is about the greatest technique for tunica stretch, especially the septum, that I have come across.

    Probably not the greatest explanation in the world. Any questions, just ask. If somebody could make one of these, take some pics, and post the pics in this thread, that would be great.


    Practical Hanging Advice:
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    Hanging Theory:
    Why Hanging Should be Done Before Advanced Girth Work: Length First, Girth Second
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    Homemade Hanger Recipes
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    My progress journal / useful PE links


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      The instructions are slightly confusing... is there a way to get pictures of this?


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        Originally posted by Wazza View Post
        The instructions are slightly confusing... is there a way to get pictures of this?
        I was also confused when I first learned about the RSDT. I haven't built my own RSDT yet, but when I do, I will post pictures. If we do have a member that uses an RSDT, maybe they could post a picture or two.

        Bib has some pictures & illustrations on his forum, so for now, you might need to go there for illustrations.
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          I would love to use one... please DO post pictures!!!


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            An RSDT is a really advanced method (it's a fulcrum after all), and very few hangers reach the point where they are ready to start using one (the pool of potential people who might have an RSDT is probably very small, so it might be a little while before someone has a picture to submit).
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              I have been intrigued by this idea for a while now. I'm thinking of trying my own twist on it at some point in the 'semi-near' future. Basically, I would use one of those cheapo office chairs with the telescoping base and a foot stool or something similar to prop my feet on. My idea is to get a foot long, (possibly cut it shorter) piece of PVC 2" diameter pipe and bolt it (long bolts) to the office chair to keep it stationary. Obviously, I will need to drill through the seat of the chair, and not put the wheels on the chair. Simple enough.

              From what I understand anyway of this whole "RSDT" fulcrum is it's not so much the composition of the item itself that makes it work. It is the fact that it provides an elevated, hard surface for the skids of the BIB hangers to "rock" on. Simply having the underside of your penis over a fulcrum would be just another fulcrum. The concept here is to cause a "double fulcrum". From what I recall of high school physics, it sounds good anyway. I'd be willing to swallow my pride per se, and lower my weight level to try it for a while. I'll share when I do at some point.
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                Ok, so after speaking with BIB directly about this for clarification, the point of the RSDT is to provide a sort of semi rigid "pillow" which the penis rests on gently and creates a slight bend from pushing upward from underneath the penis. It does not seem to matter where the first 'bend' from underneath is caused. The front of the RSDT which is the rigid part enforced by the plastic, is where the skids of the hanger rest. The hanger is supposed to rest mainly on the back skids with most of the front skids 'floating' freely. During the hanging set, the penis stretches slightly and the hanger bends the penis downward slightly causing the second fulcrum. Interesting, indeed.


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                  If one cannot construct a RSDT, in my opinion, the perfect substitute is an ankle/lower calf cushion that one would find on a leg extension/curl machine.
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                    ^ good call. have you tried this?


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                      If you are trying to make a ball out of this, wouldn't it be better to just get a small baseball bat, wrap some rubber hand around it and duct tape?

                      Why rice sock?

                      I couldn't really comprehend all the steps here. Picture would be nice.


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                        Originally posted by Penis_172832 View Post
                        If you are trying to make a ball out of this, wouldn't it be better to just get a small baseball bat, wrap some rubber hand around it and duct tape?

                        Why rice sock?

                        I couldn't really comprehend all the steps here. Picture would be nice.
                        Hey Penis!

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                          Came across this old thread. Thinking about starting fulcrums, and wanted to understand this better. How would a sock filled with rice be stiff enough to support 10-20lbs sitting on top of your legs without anything but duck tape and a solo cup wrapped around it? It needs to be stiff enough not to just bend under the weight, right? Why not use a PVC pipe wrapped in foam or maybe put a sock around the pvc and fill that with rice/duct tape that all around so the rice surrounds the pipe? Sounds like a first draft of a DIY fulcrum without seeing pics. Are there better versions people use now?
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                            I use a 1.5 inch PVC pipe with nothing wrapped around it. It works great and stays in place throughout the hanging session. In my experience the intensity of the fulcrum stretch over a solid surface is far greater than using softer fulcrum.
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