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  • MV-Extender

    Someone posted this before but no one really replied. Just trying to get some info on the device as far as any results. It looks to be comfortable than the nooses and the strap. Does anyone have any advice in general from personal use/gains. Also where can you purchase the device. I went to the online store and it is not listed. Thanks

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    If you are talking about Monkeybar's Vac Extender try this site: Autoextender Penis Enlargement Device
    As far as usage goes, someone else will have to respond as I have never tried it.
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      Thanks for the response. The one I am talking about is the new one which is similar to the others extenders like Fast Size and such but the tip is exchanged with the suction.


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        I think the MV he is referring ot is the Max-Vac Extender by BTC (the one SWM uses). It is a lot like the Autoextender, but there are a few differences. It's much larger than the FastSize-type extenders.