Lately my foreskin, particularly around the tip/rim/edge, has become sore and kind of rigid and sensitive. It kind of hurts to pull it back over the glans when erect, particularly once the tip has to start stretching out, and it feels sore while hanging.

Im using a Bib Hanger, currently at 6.25 lbs SD/BTC. There is little blood in my glans, no glans swell during hanging, and next to no glans discoloration due to excessive pressure. So has anyone else run into these kinds of problems while hanging? It was more or less fine at 5 lbs, then I moved up to 6.25, only have 1.25 plates, and it was mostly fine the first day, but today its being problematic.

Am I just going up in weight too fast, should I try to condition the tissues more at 5lbs, or should I just take a day or 2 off, and let everything heal?