Hello All PE goers. I have been lurking this site and Pe-ing to myself for well over 1 year now and have decided I would like to sell my extender. I used it for only a total of 3 months @ 5days a week for 4-6hrs... (It has sat in my dresser drawer in the box for the past 6months unused) so its in pristine condition. I have just decided that for my routine it is no longer necessary and could use a better home. I have extra springs and all the parts many that were never even used. For any person interested in buying, or site Moderator interested in proof, I will of provide full pics to prove I am not Spam, and have only positive intentions to supply someone with a high quality extender at a fraction of the price. The only pieces I do not have are the memory foam cushion pads that wrap around your penis shaft before strapping in, I wore them out and you would want to use them anyway haha. It comes with both strap and noose for whichever fit you desire. I have paypal or whatever we may negotiate. *No lowballers please* Thanks and bless you all.