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Hey guys thanks for all the replys. Its motivating to hear others with results from the extenders. I tried the manual exercises but that takes up too much of my time. Between work fulll time, the gym for a good hour or more, my girlfriend and eating, their is just no way to do them. But as far as the extender goes, i can wear that baby all day. I logged 6 hours today. I go for about three hours on then an hour off, and back to three again. So im gonna stay at 6 hours a day for the rest of the way 5 days a week.

Thanks dark and captain for your remarks I will keep those things in mind.

A problem i have run into with the size genetics device is i cant seem to figure out how to adjust the tension grams on my device. it doesnt change from 900 grams. It's really making me mad. I would really like to know more detail about the adjusting the rods length and tension. Thats the problem im having and want to make sure i understand it thoroughly so that i see those gains.

Any more advice would be great. Please help me out here.

Also i will do a measurement after next week and will post it to update everyone. Hopefully i will have some results.
Personally, I used the Jes Extender, and I'm pretty happy (you can find it here).
Weapon courage you if you launch yourself into such a project, progress comes slowly

Good luck !