Hey guys I've been using my vacextender and have a somewhat complicated question to ask regarding tension. Some people say their extenders have a line on the springs that indicates an amount of tension like 900 grams or 1200 grams. Well mine doesn't have that. So I have no way of knowing how much tension I'm using, at least in terms of grams of pulling force. Now I went back to the vacextender website because I remembered it said something about the springs, and it did. It says the springs in the setup I have are 3.6 pound springs. So I did what everyone does, and googled how many grams in a pound, and found out there are 453 grams in a pound. So a little multiplication and I THINK (this is what I'm not sure of) my springs are capable of 1630 grams of pulling force when fully compressed. So to me, 900 grams would be something like a little more than halfway compressed when I'm in it? I'm assuming a lot here so if someone has the tension lines, or knows more about this then I do, I would love a little clarity.