I made great/amazing gains back when I could muster 6-8hrs a day. Lately though I am busy and somewhat lazy with a 4-8hr a day extending commitment. I have been experimenting the last 2 months doing a solid 1-1:15hr session per day 7 days a week. The gains are still coming, yes MUCH slower but they are detectable. I am fairly happy about this. Sure it pushes my goal length out by 1-2yrs but at over 7" now the urgency to hit 8" has faded some. It is a piece of cake to strap in for an hour a day, I barely notice. After a year or two I should be pretty close to my goal with minimal effort. I suspect having the springs fully compressed equates to 2x normal extending. It definitely feels the results I am getting are because of an equivalent 2hrs normal extending a day by using 1hr of max tension. I will report back every now and then. I should be interesting to see where I am after 1yr.