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Hello Everyday, I went straight into pumping because I bought it before I found this site and I can gaurentee you that had I found this site first I would have conditioned myself prior to pumping, I just got lucky to not have a serious injury. However I did get an injury and I now know that it was definately due to not being conditioned. I broke some blood vessels enough to cause some internal bleeding. Ended up with a nice dark blood bloster looking type of bruise about one third of an inch across, had to take some time off. I got good advice along the way and now you are getting it too. Your dick will still be there at the end of 90 days so heed the advice the members above are giving you.
Thanks I just thought hanging and pumping sounded like it would give me gains fast from what I've been reading on here. Has anyone ever started right out of the gate hanging on here. I've been using 7lbs an hour a day with no problem as far as I can tell.