So a couple days ago I had a minor mishap with my Bib. Pushed it forward a bit too far before sufficiently tightening it, and it slid onto, and past the coronal ridge during the pulse push test. Suffice to say, uncomfortable.

After that, I noticed some minor spotting on my glans. Not the meatus, the glans itself. I've been taking a few days off, and the spotting is gone., however it seems that the tip of my foreskin is tighter than normal. Usually at about a 40-50% erection, or a plump flaccid, I can pull back the foreskin, and it slides back into place with minimal effort. Now it seems that my foreskin is catching under the coronal ridge, and doesnt come back over the glans by itself. I believe the condition is called phimosis, though mine is an extremely minor case at best.

Also, when at a 40-50% erection, when I pull the foreskin back, my glans tends to expand to a roughly erect size, while the shaft remains the same, causing more foreskin catching.

So has anyone run into these issues before? I doubt that I broke anything, since my erections, sensitivity, and ejaculations are normal. Im just wondering how long it takes for this to go away.