I do hanging, using a BIB starter (no gains so far, since december) I have not been consistent everyday because I keep getting red spots and I stop long enough for the red spots to fade away.

Note that last year in July I was doing manual stretches, I got a lot of red spots from one particular session and stretch set, I ignored it and continued to stretch with the red spots that same day and the day afterwards, and that caused the red spots to be permanent (over a year and still here, permanent). I have those same ones all clustered together they look like a burn or something and it gets to me and makes me upset/pissed off. SO I ALWAYS TRY NOT TO STRETCH OR HANG WHILST I HAVE RED SPOTS - BUT ALMOST EVERYTIME I HANG I GET RED SPOTS.. ARGHHH.

I use hot water to warm up, I use a piece of cloth an then the theraband and then the hanger, I am using about 14 pounds / 6 3/4 kgs.

Sometimes I manage to get the set up so that there is no extra blood in the head/ end skin and sometimes extra blood creeps in there and builds up in the head / end skin infront of the hanger clasp. I think that the spots are worse when there is blood trapped in there, but when the clasp is so tight that the head is still soft/ doesn't have blood trapped in there it hurts quite a bit (I mean, it IS crushing my dick so yeah..)

How do I avoid this red spots syndrome?

A note, as some may know from my other posts I have a 'cord' (the upper part between, and formed by the fusing and thickening of the two corpora cavernosa) what's more it is apparently thicker and stronger than average and hampers any progress - so if anything I am caught between the fact that the cord is super strong and needs a good amount of weight to even make it stressed, and conversely that the skin and head are so fragile that I can get red spots really easily and even swelling in the skin at times easily. All I want to do is gain some length, I don't know why I have been built like this but it is making me... unhappy.

Thanks for any advice and replies, they are appreciated.