I do 1 set in the morning, 3 at night. 20 minute sets. BTC, and up to 18.5 pounds now. I recently started wearing a traction wrap during the day after my morning set to stay stretched out.

>>>> should i do my heavy set in the morning, or instead should i make my morning set light, just to "get the kinks out"?

and also. while i know it is a bit dangerous to add edging to a hanging regimen, i have been, after my 3 evening sets, taking my L - Arginine and getting myself erect via porn. Think this is okay?

I know "Hanging 101" is there, but i have serious ADHD, so reading and comprehending something so lengthy is a real life challenge for me. If anyone has Cliffs Notes for Hanging 101, please sell it to me...

Many Thanks