Hi, i have been looking around on the forum for answers about these questions, but had no luck. If i missed them, please point me in the direction.

1.mounting the extender

I have read alot of tips and guides about how to mount my extender but i miss some details. I use the PenisMaster extender from this site Penis Master i read the guide and watched the movie there on how to mount it, but i still have problems.

My problem is to get a good stretch without the glanse slipping or it is too tight. Should i pull all the foreskinn back so it is really tight? or should i pull it back so it gathers behind the glanse as it would with an erection? And then put the protectionhood over the foreskinn, behind the glanse and then the grip?.

2.State of penis when mounting
i presume the penis must be fully flacid when mounting so it does not slip as the penis gets more flacid. Also i have some problems with erection as the extender is stretching, as the glanse will get really tight, but i guess i just have to practice to make this not happen. Is masterubating a bad idea before extender? it will help for certain with the erection problem while using the extender.

3.My routine with extender.

Should i use the extender after i have done my other routines? (Jelqing etc.) or does it matter?

Thanks for any help.