Im just a little unsure of how to do these, as I just gave them a go but I didnt really feel they felt that different to a normal stretch?!

I gripped an OK grip at the head and pulled straight out, then, with my left hand, made a V shape with my index and middle finger, placed it around the base shaft of my penis and tried to push into my pelvis/body as hard as I could. I was sitting down to do all this.

Granted I wasnt sure if the force I applied with my left hand was enough, but Its quite hard pushing into an unmovable object my hand tired fairly quickly.

I was wondering, why is it that these isolate and target the tunica so well?

Also, am I right in assuming these are NOT V stretches?! I understand that in V stretches you use your thumb to bend the middle of the stretched shaft down?!

Thanks Guys.