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That's a pretty advanced exercise, called an Uli. You're not losing any EQ from all of this, 30 minutes of jelqing and 6 squeezes in just two weeks? I'm impressed. I think you should just stick with what you're doing for now, as long as your PI's are good, and see what gains you'll make from this. PE requires patience and consistency to work - don't get caught up in the mind set that you need to do more and more to see gains though. As long as your EQ is good, which you say it's actually improved since doing this, then I think the amount you're doing is OK.

Also, yes kegels will help with gains because of improved bloodflow and better EQ.

all good to hear. I did some jelqing a few years ago and my ligaments felt tight back then. But I only did it for like a month and didn't notice any gains. I started again a few weeks ago and I can stretch my dick pretty good and the ligs don't feel too tight for whatever reason. I can pump it full of alot of blood and it gets little bumps on the head and sometimes turns dark red but there isn't much discomfort. I exercise daily and eat lots of fruits and protein and all kinds of good stuff and my body feels pretty good. I'm actually in the process of trying to gain weight. I'm 5'10" 164lbs and want to get a little bigger so I exercise and eat alot. But whatever gains I make/have made in the gym i would gladly exchange for gains below the belt.