i buaght a stretchmaster from my local porn distrubitor. i like it. only thing i noticed is that it doesnt have springs in it for constant tension. but.. heres what do with it

the stretchmaster uses a noose to attach the penis to the device for stretching. i had out grew the lenght (couldnt adjust it any longer) so what i did was put the noose about 1/4 way down from the top of penis. tighten. then i push blood up to the head and some of the side tubes (sry dont know the correct terms) then i adjust to the length i like. this allows me to get a stretch now that i overgrew it. i use a rubber tube, sort of like a thick strong condom, that i put where the noose ties up the penis. this makes everything more comfortable. i also think it eases up some of the blood flow.

i havent read much up about clamping. but from this routine im experiencing steady minor length results(from streching part) but also i have seen great head size changes. my head has gotten a little widder.. but has gotten alot longer. i havent put a ruler up to it, but i looks about 1/4" longer. i have noticed girth starting to accompany the length.

i would have liked to do this routine 5 days a week but it seems that i need recovery everyother day. my excersies lasts from 1 hour normally but some days i feel i can do more 2 hours or even 3-4 hours long.

so um i hope this is helpful. and i also hope that it wasnt already posted. and if anyone knows where i can get small springs for my stretchmaster that would be appreciated. ty