I don't know if anyone else has done this but what I do is use my homemade captains wrench(any hanger will work) and lay a 22lb barbell weight flat on my bed. Then connect it to the hanger. Then I lay down and get my body situated to get a good stretch in. The weight doesn't slide but what I will do is put my feet on it with legs at an angle instead of flat on the bed. This way I can keep pretty steady force/tension going and can even push my feet on the weight to increase stretch. I do sets as if hanging and get to lay down and relax and watch tv. This would work great for anyone living with others and doesn't want them to just walk in on them while hanging. You can put a blanket over you so they won't even know. It's way easier than manual stretching and takes no effort while you can also stretch for longer periods of time without your arm getting tired.