Hey all, Screamer here. I'm doing lots of reading and lots of learning here (thanks again to my forum mates backing me up on the old introduction thread there). However now I have a silly question.

I know I'll need a couple hours a day to do a proper JP 90 to start. However I'm a student who also works full time and to make things worse I'm crazy enough to be an expectant father: crazy excited that is . So I've been investigating devices that I could multitask with. The two most popular seem to be the

Bathmate pump (Probably the Hercules series http://bathmatedirect.com/category/our_pumps/)

and Penis Extenders (as a med student I'm a little on the broke side of things so I looked up the Vimax version http://www.vimaxextender.com)

Now does anyone think either idea is worth the trouble/money? Should I save my nickels and get something different if anything at all? Are these supplementary to penis exercises? Are they safe? Are the gains permanent? Do you uses these instead of exercise? Will my vitamins (B, argentine, etc) mess with my results? Has anyone tried any of these options? So on and so forth.

I've read the "FAQs" on the websites but I'm ever so certain that they're just a touch biased, so I thought I'd try a broader approach to feedback and ideas.

Any feedback and/or advice is always appreciated. Only brought this up because the last thread I searched like this was over 6 months old and the subject was slightly different. Thanks mates.

- S.S.