So I quit using the extender because using the noose style extender can be painful, felt like it was burning, when the noose was holding the skin. I was going to buy the Modified VacExtender but thought let me try my own hack before wasting money on some over priced, expensive, homemade pieces of silicone, that must have cost a few cents to make.

So I knew the noose was rubber and ideally I would need to find something that was rubber, cause the friction means you don't have to have it as tight. Behold the latex glove!!! I cut it into a long strip, around two fingers thick, rubbed baby powder on strips and penis, wrapped it around under the head and then put the noose on as normal. It is so comfortable. I normal adjust it every 2 hours, have a piss put it back on. I only stretch to like 90% of my erect length, over doing it mean less hours and pain. I am sure the men used in the penis extender didn't over stretch till the point of pain.

I now can wear it for 8 hours, before only 4-5 hours and my penis would be burning around the noose area, even if I took an hour break.Just thought i would share this info with other cheap noose extender users. My biggest challenge now is to stick with it for atleast six months and not give up!