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The Below is a direct copy of my post from Foreskin-Restoration.net with pictures uploaded and resized for PEGym. The original posting date was March 20th, 2014. This is only temporary unless you go out and buy industrial grade silicone. From my own testing between March and October of this year, this device WILL eventually break from sustained tension in the 800-1600 gram range (using an SG) after several hours. However, since it is very cheap to create, this is a great way to "try before you buy." After my second prototype broke I got lazy and just bought a real VLC. I may get into the DIY scene again when I have more time since it is quite fun, but until then, I shall leave this nugget of wisdom here:

After seeing Dave's Homemade Tugger on norm.org two days ago, I decided to forego any revisions to my chair leg tugger because of the increasing challenges faced when trying to make any device tapeless with the lack of proper casting or machining tools.

Then it hit me. Silicone when cured doesn't really stick to anything else but silicone.

For the tugger part, I needed an anchor as well as a hook. I originally was using those metal binder clip handles, but as I tried to bend them the metal kept snapping... then I ran out of clips because I only had one in my drawer... so I went with a spare solid core wire and the dime I drilled holes through to act as my anchor.

Figure 1: Hook and Anchor

I didn't have any waxed paper cone cups, nor any o-rings. I knew for a fact that hot glue doesn't stick to silicone since I tried to glue my stack of coins to the silicone spacer in my previous device project, so instead of using o-rings, I made hot glue rings. When you size the base of your tugger, be somewhere near the diameter of your flaccid glans. As for the base of your retainer, as seen in Figure 2, I obviously made mine too small the
first time so I guess overshoot then trim to your liking. Also, when making your casts, be sure to have the paper side facing the silicone!

Figure 2: Things Spread Out

For the concave part of the retainer that touches the glans, I used a wet ice cube to freehand a curvature. The edges don't have to be pretty, you'll be trimming it flush later.

Figure 3: Curing Station

For the first casting I used paper reinforced on one side with packaging tape. However, after 24 hours I realized that the retaining cone was too small, so I made new paper cones with out the packaging tape backing, and it actually peeled off better since more air was able to pass through to the silicone!

Figure 4: Extended Retainer Mold

You can try making it totally with out the tape reinforcement, but for structural integrity, it might be best to reinforce at least the top and bottom of your mold. Once your curing station no longer smells like vinegar, the silicone is ready. You can rush it and take them out of the cast after 24 hours, but I would recommend that you not wear the device until the smell is gone. The toxic chemical vapors are still being released fromthe uncured silicone which will most be absorbed by your skin. Once the smell is gone, trim the edges flush and if there are pieces of paper still attached to your tugger, simply wash under hot water and rub away the paper bits. Before use, wash with dish soap and fully dry.

For now I'm using a shirt stay as a tension strap, but I think I kind of like the variable tension, I'll continueto mess around with other strap methods.

Now for the money shots:

Figure 5: Side View

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Figure 6: Bottom View

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Figure 7: Stacked

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Figure 8: Action Shot

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