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So im strongly considering to do something about my penis size and I like to know if i should choose to go with a devise like Bathmate, phallosan or a penis surgery .
Im kinda scare to do a surgery on my penis so my
preferable options is a devise but they're time consuming and also it might be possible to not gain any inch.

So im just wondering if you guys could give me some advise, like with which option should i go for and if its the
penis enlargement device which device should i get ?

ps i also have erection dysfunction sometimes
As others have said, I greatly advise against enlargement surgery. I understand that is generally an option valued most by those that are either far too desperate to increase their size or those far too lazy to take the time out to put in some manual work to achieve results. Here's a few things to consider:


Enlargement surgery will cost upwards of $8,000 usually. That money would be better spent on many other things. With that money you can buy a Phallosan, CTC DP-4000, BibHanger Starter or LG Hanger, Jelq Device, Fleshlight STU, Stealth Innerwear, a Male Enhancement Coach membership, and the new Private Gym Kegel Exerciser. You'll also have plenty of money left over to invest in a home gym, supplements, and other health-related items that may assist you with your erectile dysfunction if it is caused by an unhealthy diet or lifestyle.

You would think that penis enlargement surgery would be a quick fix, but it's actually the opposite. Even after you complete the surgery there will still be at least around 6 or more weeks of recovery, not to mention you are still usually recommended to wear some type of penis extender/traction device post-surgery to keep whatever size you have gained. That time would be better spent actually exercising your penis with a proven, successful routine such as JP90.

Risk and Aesthetic:

Most important of all is there is a potential for tremendous risk involved in undergoing surgery. These risks can range from the surgeon sneezing while dissecting your penis and cutting something that wasn't supposed to be cut to more common unwanted results of a penis enlargement surgery such as internal scarring resulting in Peyronie's disease, highly visible external scarring, complete erectile dysfunction, uneven girth distribution resulting in a baseball bat or bowling pin type of penis, an unnatural and bloated look when girth enlargement procedures are taken too far, mediocre size gains (many lengthening procedures only result in about an inch of length which certainly isn't worth the risk or price of surgery) and the list can go on and on. Meanwhile, if you simply exercised your penis correctly, none of these risks are a factor. With a good program, you will gain in both length and girth and also improve your erection hardness/quality, the ability to maintain your erection (cure/lessen ED), and also increase your stamina. Your penis may also improve in terms of aesthetic as will. Veins may become more pronounced, which in many cases is more visually arousing to a woman because it suggest virility and more prominent veins can also increase the pleasure for the women you're with since they more or less function like how ribbed condoms or sex toys were designed to function (maximal pleasure).

If you're considering surgery, I assume you have some money set aside that you're willing to spend. If that's the case, I would save your money a little longer and start of with the JP90 routine and then if you're looking to add some variety then would invest in a hanging device (BibHanger, LG Hanger, or MaleHanger), a pump (CTC Company DP-4000 or Bathmate), maybe some jelqing assistance device (JelqDevice or JelqTools), a stamina training device (Fleshlight STU or Performance Trainer), a pelvic floor/PC muscle strengthener (Private Gym), an anti-turtle device (Stealth Innerwear), and maybe a specialized program made just for you (Male Enhancement Coach or Your Penis Doctor).

Good luck to you!