Probably the best multi tasking is schtuping your wife and or girl friend in the shower. However that is not the subject herein contained.

I have been trying out hanging with weights and Big Al's ingenious sock hanger. Have found that properly wrapped and tied you can comfortable go up to 10 lb. Five lb for a full fifteen minutes.
Thought to shorten the time by hanging through my trusty heated rice sock. Is there anyone out there in PE land that has tried this type of excercise? Results of mine, too soon to tell.

By the way two minutes in the microwave will kill all the bacteria and drive off all the moisture from the rice. It will also heat the rice to the point of cooking your pepe if you then wrap with the sock. I suggest you run the sock through once a week for this time, and the rice should last just about forever or until you obtain 8" which ever comes first.

Have a nice date mates.