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Used Equipment Sales Policy

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  • Used Equipment Sales Policy

    To protect our members, we restrict which members can sell used PE equipment in the forums.

    To be considered to sell your item, you must:

    1. Be a member for more than 12 months,
    2. Have more than 100 substantial posts over the course of those 12 months and
    3. Request and receive permission to list your item from an Admin or <removed>
    4. Has not received an infraction for multiple attempts of making an unauthorized sale.

    Again, this policy is to protect our members, so we appreciate your understanding.

    As always, please use your own discretion when purchasing anything second-hand. We recommend ONLY using PayPal for your transaction, if you do purchase an item, to take advantage of their buyer's protection policies. NEVER give out any banking information to someone you don't know.

    In addition, there are safety concerns specifically associated with used penis exercise equipment. These can include, but are not limited to, sexually transmitted diseases and infection and injuries that can occur from equipment failure. For this reason, PEGym and it's parent company, Semprove, Inc., does not endorse, warrant or recommend any item you may see for sale in the forums. To ensure your safety, we recommend solely buying your PE equipment from authorized distributors and manufacturers only.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate ask.


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    per Kim,

    We do not allow "seeking to buy" type posts on the forum.
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