I tryed some of that you explained yesterday.
The advice you gave about placing the cock between middle and ringfinger, it gave a very nice strech.

this was what i did yesterday.

Warm up..
Basic streches 4 x 30 sec each (up,down etc) cock between middle and ringfinger.
Cirkle streches - 10 x min 5 sec ( 5 each way)
A-Strech - 4 x 40 sec
internal (light) 2 x 10 sec
Jelq (low erection) 100 x 5-10sec and every time i came to the glas i stoped/hold and a did 1 kegle. Gives a great pump feeling.
V-Jelq 90 x 3sec
Edgeing 10 min...

-- I am thinking about adding 3 x 10 sec Uli's the day i don't edge..

I think i will make this my new rutine.. Because it felt really great after and today i have had all positive signes like a great flaccid..