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Wow thanks for all the replies.

IGF is Insulin like growth factor. IGF-1 is the origional form of it....IGF-1R is the newer long lasting stuff that has a half life in the body of 24-36 hours and is exponetially better for body building than the origional stuff. But maybe thats just short form for LR3IGF-1 as that also rings a bell and on body building sites they are used interchangeably to describe the same thing.

Right now its an experimental drug....the only serious sides I know of are cancer cells may be caused to grow faster so not good to use with cancer in the genes. As far as the guts getting bigger I think you guys may be confusing it with HGH. Although HGH is the precusor to cause the body to produce IGF-1 so maybe there is something to it. My source is good but pricey. Worth it tho I think.

you are seriously mixing things up to be honest. HGH can not increase your gut. HGH gets metabolized by the liver in IGF. IGF has a preference for smooth muscle cells - those can be found in organs AND the penis as well.
i know, because i also am interested in this part (even though i wouldnt know exactly how to get the right dose at the right place)
in any case IGF can most definitely give you perma-gut (increased intestines). like the other poster said, be sure to use small doses - the reason is that only so many receptors are available on the injection site. all non bound IGF mulecules will travel trhought he body until they find a receptor and guess where the most IGF receptors are in a human body..? thats right, the gut.

The reason I thought it might work is it causes your body to repair faster....muscle, injuries.....I've heard guys with chronic rotator cuff injuries and joint problems say IGF cleared it up. Also it causes hyperplasia in the muscles.....not certain if that is the exact word or spelling but basically it causes muscle cells to divide. So it doesnt make your muscle cells bigger it makes you grow more and enables you to go beyond your genetic potential. I read a long time ago that PE execises causes the smooth muscle in your penis to divide also....not just expand. Cant remember where it was I read or if its accurate that but if it is true....well with these effects on your body I'm sure you can see where I think it might help with PE gains.

As far as doseage......20 mcgs twice a day Im thinking and not sure yet if I'll do it for 40 days or 4 weeks with the same time off in between.
if you are sure about that, you need to research where those muscle cells are located then...i know some drugs, like caverject, are injected straight in to the cc of the penis - so injecting in the penis is a possibility (not a very attractive on but still)

like i said, im also interested in the IGF growing possibilities on penis smooth muscle cells.
i havent really made a specific plan yet, but i have a vague idea of getting the IGF to the penis in combo with a vacuum system to do the expanding...so if IGF can build more cells, which can then be expanded etc - ill be a happy guy :-)