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  • Huge jumps in size

    Hey everyone, I've been teased and made fun of by others for having a small dick after having sex with girls and they told people. Which is really an awful feeling. But whats even more frustrating is its not small... Just as many times I've had comments on how big I am. Sometimes my dick will hit 6.5-7x5 which is a size I'm satisfied with. But much more frequently it will only be 5-5.5x4.6 The anxiety of not knowing how big its gonna turn out has killed so many sexual oppurtunities for me and I'm really so sick of it. From either not getting hard at all out of nervousness, or not pursuing a girl I know is interested because I'm nervous about my size. Why do I have such massive jumps in size and how can I always make sure it stays 6.5-7??

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    Focus on stamina exercises (edging) and stay away from PORN (if that's a habit you've developed). Also, build your libido by holding off ejaculations after edging, only "rewarding" yourself by ejaculating at the end of an edging session 3 times / week. Don't masturbate, edge instead! You'll notice a significant increase in your EQ & libido if you follow these suggestions.


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      It's definitely an EQ problem. Jock gave you some great advice for you to follow. Your anxiety over this is also a huge problem that you will need to work on, it will also have a big effect on your EQ.
      To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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        Does your dong fluctuate that much in size if/when you masturbate?

        If not, sounds to me you need girls that know how to get a dick hard.

        You never slow down, you never grow old!


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          Hey brother,

          I sometimes have the same problem as you and also weirdly same stats as you. If i have a shitty erection ill be 6 inches but with very very good erection 6.8-7 inches.

          My advice to you is too:
          1.masturbate less
          2. Do stamina exercices
          3.Do EQ exercices
          5. Have healthy lifestyle (water, exercice, erection boosting foods)

          Hope it helps


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            Jock and Prepuce pretty much sum it up.


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              I have noticed that when I go a while without watching porn or masturbating my dick looks like its out for blood. I'll definitely stop porn and start edging asap. Are kegels and jelqing considered stamina exercises? And what are erection foods?