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1cm in 3months. But Penis points to the right..

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  • 1cm in 3months. But Penis points to the right..

    Hi pers,

    I have started PE 3montgs back and have gained 1cm in length so far.

    But the problem is that i have noticed that it points to the right. From the base.

    I personally believe that the left side has gained more length than the right side.

    Will focusing more on right side stretch fix it?
    Also, when we stretch to the right, does it affect the right lig or left lig?

    I would like to stress on the fact that its not a curve. It is angular. From the very base.

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    Haha funny I was just about to ask the same thing can't believe it

    I'm worrying now too because my penis points to the side too when semi erect not so much fully erect but semi erect the most. I haven't noticed if it's the same direction everytime I don't think it is I think it varys which way it hangs but sometimes it hangs so far left or right it looks very unnatural. Is this a bad thing? Is this due to scar tissue kinda like that peyronie disease?


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      My penis itself is straight as a arrow but it hangs from the base way crooked sometimes


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        If it bothers you then work to correct it by counter stretching, I favoured the left in my extender so mine straight points that direction but it hasn't bothered so much as to want to fix it.
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