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How do you do the tension stretch

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    Originally posted by tryingforit View Post
    If I were to pair the Tension Stretch with the Squeeze, how many reps should I increase by between each workout? Or rather, if I started with 10 on day one, after 6 weeks what is a rough estimate of how many reps I should be performing of this exercise?
    The rate of increase is a percentage of the whole. If you're starting at 10 reps, you'd add 1 rep per session- or even every other session. At about 25 reps, you can look into adding2 reps per session, and so on.
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      Eu ainda não consigo entender este exercício, acho que é esticar na direção reta e pouco para baixo sentado na cadeira fazendo força com as duas mãos, seria isso ?