Hey guys I am going to try this routine. Just would like some feedback from the vets.

10 min warm up (rice sock)
1 hr stretch (extender)
10 mins hot shower ( bath mate)
100 wet jelqs
100 v jelqs
10 warm down

600 mg Fish oil
120 mg Ginkgo Biloba
25 mg DHEA
Amino acids
Meal replacement shakes

I have had good results with the extender gained about 3/8" in 3 months. On and off wearing, no routine. The bath mate gives me a good pump before doing jelqs. I haven't really stuck with any routine for over 2 weeks and I have been peing for about 2 years. I am going to really make an effort to see what this routine does for me and keep everyone informed. Maybe try 2 on, 1 off per week. Depending on pi's.

Start pe 9/2007
Bpel 5 3/4"
Eg 4 1/2"

3/14 /2010
Bpel 6 9/16"
Eg 4 13/16

Not bad gains for someone who hasn't done much pe!