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How do you guys measure your BPFSL?

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  • How do you guys measure your BPFSL?

    I've recently changed my routine to target my tunica a lot more, which I surprisingly never really have focused as much as I am now. I've done tunica work before, but not as my primary target, mainly it has been lig stretching focused. I've switched more to tunica focus so I can hopefully gain more girth in the process, and hopefully get that last inch of length I want. With this new routine, I want to track my BPFSL to make sure it continues to grow at a steady pace, and to see if BPEL will grow immediately after seeing growth in BPFSL. So back to the title, how do you measure you BPFSL?

    Obviously it should be measured standing up with ruler on top (don't cheat yourself). But where I'm confused is should it be done AFTER warming up? Or done without any type of warming up/pre-stretching? I've always measured mine without warming up and I've been about the same as as my BPEL, most of the times about a slight bit more. However yesterday after warming up and my tunica stretch routine, I measure my BPFSL at about 8.6", a solid .5-.6" more than BPEL. Should I be tracking BPFSL after warming up or do you think that is "cheating", for lack of better terms.
    6.75" BPEL (6.125" NBP)
    4.8" MEG

    8.125" BPEL (7.25" NBP)
    5.25" MEG (5.75" Base)

    09/2019 (Restart from 2 Year Break)
    7.625" BPEL (6.5625" NBP)
    5.125" MEG (5.875" BEG)
    4.25" NBPFL x 4.25" FG