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  • Science on penis enlargement

    I have looked into google scholar and have typed a few keywords like "penis enlargement", "jelqing" and I could not find any science on that. Do anybody knows some stientific studies on this topic or what keywords I shoul use? It would be awesome to read it.
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    You can find scientific articles about extenders and a clinical study for phallosan.For manuel pe and jelq you have to read user experiences.Medical research companies or pharma companies won't support a research about penis exercises because they can't earn money because they can't take the patent of a exercise.I suggest you to watch "Cancer: the forbidden cures" documentary and you'll understand the what i'm talking about.
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      You're not going to find very many direct studies.

      The few you will find will relate to extenders and maintaining penis size after prostatectomy.

      You may also find a few things related to micro penis or priapism induced mega phallus.

      If you want to get some usable info, you'll have to get creative. You may have to infer from studies dealing with angiogenesis, plastic deformation, and androgen controlled penis development.

      If you go this route, you'll need a good understanding of medical and scientific terms and some critical thinking skills.
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        I have this thread where I compiled everything that I could find.


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          As the guys mentioned, there are a few studies on penis extenders, but you won't find anything on manual exercises. There are a few reasons behind that.

          1) There is no money to be made from it.

          2) For a study to be accurate and reputable all variables must be controlled. There is no way of controlling how much tension and stress will be put on the penis for each individual.

          3)Then there is the liability factor. As you know we have an injury forum that is full of individuals that were over zealous and trying to rush gains that ended up injuring their self. If a study or a Dr. were to say that it works they would be opening their self up to some major lawsuits if an individual ended up injuring their self.

          Here is one of the studies that was conducted on penis extenders.

          A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy ..-

          Here is a PEgym article that explains the science behind penis enlargement.

          Penis Creep & Its Scientific Implications
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            The following should be helpful: Penis Science: Articles Table of Contents
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              I remember to read a citation about PE research a time ago... let me check for it... if i can found it...


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                Thank you guys!
                I got curious about this study

                The gains are awesome if the study is real ( impressive gains makes be doubt the realness of a study). The average gains in 3 months were 1.04” (2.65 cm)! While the smallest increase in length was 0.94″ (2.4 cm) out of 30 men!!!

                That doctor must had INSANELY effective PE routine. Does anybody knows more about this study? Maybe we could get an exact workout plan. That would be crazy.
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