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    Im not new to PE, although not that regular i must say. I have never been consistant in my routine, but my irrergular PE has given me some gains and now im thinking of getting it a serious go. Im married with kids so i do pe in stealth. Mostly i have done jelqs (dry and wet) , stretches etc. Last year i tried clamping for a week or two but i think i got carried away and pushed myself beyond my limits..anyways, im doing jelq and stretch routine again nowadays. Im looking to add more grith and some length to my unit. Also, i think everyone is different and thier penis is conditioned in thier own unique way. I have observed that my penis can take alot of beating i mostly do 200 flaccid jelqs and than 200 90%erect jelqs. What more can i add to my routine in order to achieve my goals. Clamping is an excercise which i see can offer many benefits, but i always get excited and go overboard. What i did in clamping was that i become 100% erect and put the clamp on, then i keep stimulating so i my erection dosnt subside. I do 3/4 reps of 10 minutes giving a break of 5 mins in between. Am i doing it correct?
    NBPEL : 6.7
    BPEL : 7.2
    EG: 5


    NBPEL : 7.5
    BPEL : 8
    EG : 5.5 or 6