Hey all this is my first post here, I've been reading the posts and articles on here for a while. This is just a great free site, everyone on the forums are really helpful. This site really gives me motivation to stay up on my PE and learn new techniques and form which is priceless. I had to join and be apart of the pegym community, it's so much better then those other pay sites, thanks guys. I've known about PE for a couple years but just recently started getting serious about it and have been seeing results within days such as seeing that my tool is more prominent, and during sex my tool just stays at a fuller and stronger erection without me having to really focus compared to when I wasn't doing PE that alone is wonderful. Anyway I just want post up my routine feel free to comment. After about 2-3 weeks I've been trying to stay on the routine but I have missed a few days so I'm trying to keep consistent. First off here are my measurements. Flaccid width ''4 1/4'' inches and ''4 1/2'' length, my erection width is around ''5'' inches and the length just barely reached the ''6 1/2'' mark last time I checked. Okay here's my routine in detail it's pretty simple.

I try to do it 2 days on 1 day off usually at night

1.) 5 min warm up with a hot wash clothe including the balls feels good lol

2.) Then I stretch using baby powder in 5 directions, left, right, up, down, and strait out. During the stretch I do 25 fast kegels and then while holding the stretch I do clockwise and counter clockwise rotations 5 each. I make shore I get a really good stretch using both hands and using my strength so I can really feel it and also I can get a good burn if you kinda bent your wrist slightly with the stretch. I think someone mentioned something with the wrists and stretching recently I found it adds to the stretch.

3.) Next i stretch my ball sack skin really good about 4 different ways one where I grab each side of the sack individual then do the whole thing, I do this for 25 sec each. I really enjoy the ball stretches they feel great and I'm even starting to try that special ball massage technique mentioned on the forums. I have already noticed nice hang results and the looseness of the skin.

4.) After that I jelq for 10 min. I use vasiline and try to stay between about 50% - 80% erection as long as I feel the blood engorging the head and I sometimes kegal at the start of the jelq rep to pump more blood in. I don't do V-jelqs cause I just don't get them.

5.) After the Jelqs I should have a nice erection so to take advantage of this I do some erect kegels called ''willy whap ups'' using the wet towel as weight so it all fits together. You could even also do like 10 ulis since your nice and erect I think I might even add those. After that if I'm horny I might do a lil edging until release.

6.) Then comes the final stretches and warm down. At this time Sometimes I might jump in the shower, the hot shower is considered as my warm down if I'm not doing the regular wash clothe warmdown. I do the stretches in the shower but you might wanna do the stretches before if your using a rice sock or towel.

I do the same stretches as in the start but for less time and intensity just to like kind of stretch out real quick, But this one stretch that I like to do specifically after the workout and with high intensity is the same stretch technique except I come from and grab my penis from underneath and pull it in between my legs so the head is now facing in the opposite direction your facing. While holding the stretch I bend over and flick the wrist to get a good stretch then still while holding the stretch i'll bend backward to feel a really nice stretch in the pubic area which i love. I then warm down.

7.) Right after the warm down I would do 10 min of regular kegals with a rubber ball between my legs for 5 seconds each rep.

8.) Then using the homemade hanging device mentioned on these forums I would hang with a 3 lb weight for an hour. Then put some lotion on because it gets a little sore after the hangs.

9.) This is optional, I sometimes sleep doing pillow foffers with my penis in between my legs.

That's my whole routine I been trying to follow non consistent lol but now that I've writtin it down on here maybe it will give me motivation. I basically got all this info from this site so Thankyou for teaching me. I'll post my results after staying consistent for sometime. Thanks for reading.