Hey guys,

I am one year into PE and did an analysis on my routine, was wondering if I could get some opinion on next steps. I have done PE for 14 months now. Here is what happened:

2 months - Focused on Jelq, some stretching. Gain in about 0.3 inches over 2 months. I attribute this to a stronger EQ from jelqing and some mild ligament gains. PI: I remember my glans would show red spots from Jelq, some soreness
Next 6/7? months - College started, no PE done.
4/3? months - No jelq, stretch 20 mins daily, 1 day a week break, no measurement of growth rate. After that, I got home for summer break, measured a 0.6 inch gain from that period total. Did not track. PI: strong stretching sensation. Never did warm ups, etc.
Last 3 months - Most consistent routine in stretching and Jelq. 15 mins Jelq with warm down, 20-30 mins stretch. Gain of nothing to 0.1 over the whole period. PI: Jelq no longer has red spots, strongly conditioned. I can jelq at 90-100% with no injury and even red spots. Stretching soreness, I later discovered, was on the skin. Right now I have pubic hair up my shaft on the top and sides.

A note on my method for stretching: I am uncut, I have simply tugged at the skin all along. This was a mistake as I did not know I was stretching foreskin. All gains were also measured by BPEL, as I did not believe flaccid length was important to measure. I did not measure girth gains as I have not focused on that, but I do know 2 things: I was initially disappointed at measuring a slightly below average girth at the start of my PE journey, but I am now 4.9-5.0, which I think means some gains?

I want to know how to respond to my complete lack of growth in length, especially considering the last 3 months were the most dedicated I have been. I have been considering the following factors:
1. ligament growths are exhausted
2. uncut stretching has caused my foreskin to grow so much that I am no longer stretching the inner penis (ligs)
3. My ligaments are extremely conditioned
4. larger girth = slower length gains.

To 1: I have seen gainers with 2 inches, so I don't think this is true. Although I definitely expect a slow down
To 2: I definitely think is happening, and I might have stretched for several months with a whole lump of foreskin. I cannot tell if I am stretching the inner penis, but I see redness on my skin and a sharper ache. That's clearly skin.
To 3: I think this is true. This is because recently, despite the extreme discomfort, I have pulled my foreskin back and stretched, gripping very hard (I can't get a good grip except if I press against the glans because my foreskin slides over), and pulled. I know this is dangerous, but I merely wanted to test. My ligaments never feel a real stretch. At the most, it is a very faint feeling. When I release my grip, I sense something at the base of penis, which is definitely noticeable but not an ache by any measure. I am suspecting my ligaments are conditioned and much harder to stretch. I feel nothing with V stretches despite stronger application of force.
To 4: heard this was disproved.

With respect to this, I was considering:
1. Conditioning break for stretch, switch to tunica stretch
2. Complete conditioning break, nothing done for 3-6 months

My read is that I need to relax my ligaments a little, and look for another area for gains in the meantime, which I believe can come from the Tunica? I am just afraid that even the tunica stretch will hamper the conditioning break. Was hoping for advice on this aspect.

Also, I was hoping to get a second eye on the diagnosis of what constitutes a ligament stretch. Does anyone have the experience of this veeeery mild feeling I'm talking about? It can sometimes be surprisingly persistent. Does everyone feel a strong stretch and ache?

Should I also take a break for Jelq?

I've looked at the LOT theory, but unsure because some say it is disproved. Also, I tried sizegenetics for a week, was just getting skin stretches and hurt like hell. Side note.

Sorry for the super long post, I wanted to be detailed.