Hello fellow PE'rs.

I'm a noob on PE but have read and am still reading up on this. Please view my routine and tell me if I'm skating danger or should I modify? I'm looking to gain 1.5 inches over the next few years in length, in girth, maybe .5 inch or so.


Hanging (sock with DIY strap) 12-13 pounds (I worked up to this weight)

10-12 x 15 minute sessions each day
5 minute jelq after each session with mineral and coconut oil
Some edging (2-3)

I've noticed some soreness but nothing that doesn't go away. Flaccid is very good, but could be better. EQ is pretty good, I've noticed dramatic girth increase and minor lenght since I started hanging almost 2 months ago (I think I gained .5 to .75 inch in length).

My body seems to tolerate it. I reached 16 cm in length today with good EQ (10) and that is incredible for me.

Should I take rest days off? I don't feel any negative attributes yet - only copious stretch marks on my shaft. I really don't care about that, my lady is only one who see's it.