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  • getting back to pe

    hey everyone i've done pe for about 3-5 months
    i've only done a beginners routine
    and i have gained 0.4 inches .
    its has been 2 years since ive stopped doing pe
    and i have a couple of questions :

    q#1 : how do i start again ? do i do the beginners routine again or do i do more advance stuff
    and if i should do the newbie routine again how long should i do it for ?

    q#2 : when i started pe i was 18 and i stopped but actually my penis got bigger than it was , so i dont know if i actually lost the gain i have gained doing the newbie routine or not .
    did i lose them and my penis got bigger naturally ( late bloomer )?
    or do i still have those gain ?
    is there any way i could know?
    but lets say that i've lost those gains , how long would it take it regain them again?

    thank you all

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    It's hard to say about your old gains and what happened to them. You may well have been a late bloomer, and that's fine too. I'd start again from the beginning, if nothing else it will recondition you for the more advanced exercises. Good luck!
    Starting (20 JUL 2012)
    BPFSL: 7.5"
    BPEL: 6.75"
    EG: 4.75"
    Current (8/3/17)
    BPFSL: 8.7"
    BPEL: 8.1"
    MEG: 5.5"
    BEG: 5.5"

    Short Term Goal:
    8.25 BPEL
    5.75 MEG