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How to maintain when you can't train?

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  • How to maintain when you can't train?

    It's been a long time since I posted or even visited the site. I'm a bit of a veteran to PE, having begun with my first pump some 40 years ago. Since then, I've tried almost every contraption ever created, from pumps, the Bib Hanger, all-day stretchers etc. I've jelqed for thousands of hours, and hung weights equally as long. It's been an on again off again thing for decades. Much of the time, it's off because I'm in a relationship and just can't find the time to sit for an hour training. At least not in privacy. Now, in my early 60's and newly divorced, I've decided to give it another go, using nothing more than the tried and true natural methods of jelqing (in it's many forms), manual stretching etc. And I've had success over the years. I can't quite recall as it was so long ago, but I think I started out a little under 6" EL and 5.1" EG. Today, I stand at 8.4" BPEL and a hair under 6" EG. Also 9" FSL. But I want just a little more (you all know what I mean!) Problem is this: I have a new woman in my life, but I don't see her regularly as she lives 2000 miles away. So, I can get into a good, solid routine, then she comes for a visit for a week and I have to shut it down. Then, I get back at it when she leaves, and in a month or so, I'm headed down to see her and, again, I have to shut it down for a week, or 2, or more. So my question is, what can I do covertly to at least maintain my gains without locking myself in the bathroom for a suspicious half hour or more? I want to continue to make gains for a few more years, but this start/stop cannot be productive in my view. Unless there is some kind of simple, short-time thing I can do just to maintain. Any suggestions, gentlemen?