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Proof HUGE numbers of women Don't Prefer Large Penises & High Likelihood of PE Injury

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    Originally posted by jockinthebox View Post
    This whole thread is silly IMO, unless your penis is more than 9" long and/or your partner is not properly aroused or is VERY petite when you're having sex. Females when aroused sexually, can take a big penis (both length & girth) 99% of the time because with sexual arousal, their vagina "tents", increasing significantly in BOTH width & depth; their cervix tilts backwards too, allowing the head of a penis to penetrate further toward their A or P fornix, at the back of the vaginal wall.
    I wonder how much deviation there is in depth. As much as in penis size? My wife is not very petite (5'5) and we have not found angle/way to insert more than 7" dildo without pain. My 7.4" bpel is just there on limit in deep penetration positions like missionary, doggy and cowgirl. And she has got 2 children if that affects anything.


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      I used the micro pore tape. I was at 18 pounds and decided I should max the vacuumbpressjre. Then I wasn't paying proper attention.


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        Originally posted by Trapezius View Post
        To womens size preferences. Many inquiries has been made with different methods in many places. I haven't looked but I believe in sub forum "A Woman's Perspective" there is inquiries about size preferences.

        What results I have seen is not anything like 8x6" on average. Many guys, like me, seem to think that ALL women want very big. I don't know where that thinking comes from. Many women seem to wish just a little bit larger than average. If average is 5.5x4.5" then example 7x5.25 would definetely qualify beeing "larger than average". I'm 7.4 bpel x 5.5 meg and my wife has said it's enough and wishes I quit PE. I hear and understand what she says, but still for some reason I would like to be just a little bit bigger. That's weird shit.
        In a similar position with my wife, she says stop (7.8-8.1 BPEL and 5.5-5.7 EG depending on EQ) and I'm having a hard time agreeing. DID over do it recently and recovering from down EQ, taking some time off, but I'm hooked on this whole PE thing.


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          TO: JockInTheBox who said "This whole thread is silly IMO" and Frankie who said: "The never ending debate. Just give it a week and another 'penis size/injuries will finish you' debate. lol"

          I hope no one ever mocks or trivializes you in the future for expressing depression/pain you have experienced as a result of an injury you suffer which profoundly diminishes the quality of your life for almost a year. and i TRULY hope no one goes so far as to reply to your situation with a smiley face and a "lol".

          TO: OTHERS who have responded with humanity and empathy thank you


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            Sex is the great leveler, taste the great divider. - Pauline Kael


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              Dude you are 7 x 5.6 and you still tugged at your dick for months? What is wrong with you guys. Anyone who is above 6.5 and doing PE is doing it only for his own ego boost. Women couldn't care less.


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                Maybe the women in you life don't care but both of my wives did and do. My first wife laughed when she caught me doing PE and hanging but she stopped when she felt my larger dong in her. My present wife never had an orgasum with her late husband. Thanks to PE she can now!


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                  Originally posted by Karamba View Post
                  Dude you are 7 x 5.6 and you still tugged at your dick for months? What is wrong with you guys. Anyone who is above 6.5 and doing PE is doing it only for his own ego boost. Women couldn't care less.
                  Maybe to an extent, but an ego boost ->more confidence ->better sex and opportunities.
                  Start: 8.25 BPEL, 5.2 MEG, 6.4 Base Girth, 9 BPFSL

                  9/11/17: 8.5 BPEL, 5.25 MEG, 6.5 Base Girth, 9 BPFSL 7.75 NBPEL*

                  10/7/17 (EQ increased): 8.5 BPEL, 5.5 MEG, 6.4 Base Girth, 9 BPFSL, 7.75 NBPEL

                  11/17/17: 8.75 BPEL, 5.5 MEG, 9.25 BPFSL, 8 NBPEL

                  2/9/19: Same as 11/17/17


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                    Originally posted by Karamba View Post
                    Dude you are 7 x 5.6 and you still tugged at your dick for months? What is wrong with you guys. Anyone who is above 6.5 and doing PE is doing it only for his own ego boost. Women couldn't care less.
                    I don't think that is completely true. I am well above 6.5, even started at higher. I am doing it because it feels good.

                    Bigger, longer and harder erections feel good. Ego plays into it slightly, but pleasure is the bigger motivation. And I've exchanged dialogue with other guys here who feel the same way. And speaking of pleasure, my wife has been very vocal about how much she appreciates it.
                    03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
                    12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>


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                      We cant throw you a pitty party if you dont give us your address

                      Seriously though, you dint understand my message (The Search bar would have being super efficient considering its a topic that has being discussed since day one, its what i meant with my LIGHT humor)

                      {Some} of the guys and i have had injuries along the journey(i have), true. We took the neccesary steps to get better, true. Was it a difficult time, yes. do we benefit from P.e, totaly worth a risk.

                      We are all on the same bout bro, beautiful gains, but some day you might have an injury other days not. THE PENDULUM SWINGS. SOME CALL IT LIFE

                      Wish you recovery
                      Start: 26/2/2015
                      NBEL: 5.7-6.0 MEG: ? small
                      Current: 12/11/2017
                      NBEL: 7.5-7.6 BPEL: 8 MEG: 6
                      NBEL: 8 MEG: 7


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                        Originally posted by TANGO 5/10 View Post
                        Reminds me of a member who popped up & all he would PM me about was Girth gains Girth Gain's Girth Gains.

                        This guy never even tried the JP90 & because I gained 1 inch of Girth in 16 months he figured he would do it in three.

                        Started off forcing himself to do 720 bundled stretches & Jelqing then went ape#@$@ when his unit started acting up. I figured if you ignore what beginners should start off with than it's kinda like your fault when you get a penis injury.

                        It took me 22 months to gain 1 Legitimate inch in length so go figure how you can just pop up and say screw protocol I'm diving in head first with Extreme PE.
                        Hey can you tell us about your routine?


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                          I have been reading quite a few reviews on dildos lately, and it seems although most women are a bit intimidated by the look of a 8" x 6.5" dildo at first, very many report having almost instant and very powerful orgasms with it, after getting accustomed with the size, that is warming up and going slow in the beginning. Very few, perhaps 5-10% of female reviewers report it being "too big" for their liking. Now, one could make the point that these women are inherently size queens, and buy dildos of that size because they are part of the female minority who get turned on by painful penetration. But the same goes with reviews written by husbands who bought it for their wives, who say their own penis is simply average and still enjoyable for their better half.

                          I think a reason for seeing many more reviews on more average-sized dildos (and therefore, indicating a more commonly bought product), is that women avoid going for the really big ones out of fear of being "stretched out" and not being able to enjoy an average penis anymore. But that is just an untried hypothesis of mine.
                          Start, May '17: BPEL 7.2" x MSEG 5.5"
                          December '17: BPEL 8.1" x MSEG 5.9"
                          February '18: BPEL 8.2" x MSEG 5.75"

                          Long-term goal: BPEL 8.5" x MSEG 6.25"


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                            Originally posted by ThinkLongAndHard View Post
                            I have spent a lot of time on this site and have concluded that many of the claims of increased size from penis enlargement exercises are totally genuine. I have concluded that many of the guys who have experienced gains are sincere (not pitching a product, not positioned to gain in any way from false claims). also, i am sure that many women decidely prefer larger penises and that the partners of those men who have enjoyed enlargement success are very pleased with the results. that is TRULY excellant!
                            i totally believe that many men have had excellant results with their exercises and that many of their partners very much enjoy their increases size. i am truly happy for them. all i am saying is if you want to take the risk of embarking on enlargement exercises by all means have at it and best of luck to you that having a big penis is VASTLY more important to men that it is to hundreds of millions of women.

                            best of luck to every body whatever path you choose
                            To the OP -

                            Everything you've said is correct; however, I think you're looking at it in the wrong light.

                            As with any exercise program, there is chance of injury with PE. I run. I have sprained my ankle, twisted my knee, even came off a path edge once, fell on my side and scraped up the entire length of my upper arm. Sometimes injuries are accidents. Sometimes they're from doing too much too soon. Sometimes they're from doing the exercise wrong. But, they do happen - so everyone needs to be careful when doing ANY exercise - PE or traditional. But, just like I continue to run - each person must decide if the exercise (and it's results) are worth the potential risk of injury.

                            Minimize your risk of injury by PEing safely - and maximize your results by PEing efficiently and effectively.

                            Re: Women vs. Men preferring larger penises...

                            I've said this hundreds of times over the last 6 years...

                            PE FOR YOU - NOT ANYONE ELSE.

                            PE isn't really about having a larger, harder, longer lasting erection.

                            PE is about feeling good in your own skin.

                            PE is about improving your self-confidence.

                            PE is about self-actualization.

                            If you feel confident when you look at yourself in the mirror and are truly happy with your sex life, with a 3" penis - that's AWESOME! If you have an 8" penis and still are unhappy with your size, then PE and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it!

                            Again, I'll bring it back to traditional exercise. You see fit people at the gym working out. Why do they continue to push themselves? Why don't they just realize they're leaner/more muscular/fitter than most people and stop?

                            Same thing with men who are already larger than average who PE.

                            There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the absolute best you can possibly be.

                            Again - something I've probably said a thousand times - a larger penis isn't needed for great sex. Thousands of lesbians will tell you this. LOL I've had men with smaller than average penises that rocked my world. I've had guys with larger than average penises that weren't worth getting undressed. A big penis does NOT make you a great lover.

                            However, if a larger penis makes you more confident - in and out of the bedroom - that's definitely a key component to becoming a great lover.

                            PE on, boys! But, always do it for you. No one else.

                            Love you all!

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