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  • How good is my routine

    My routine includes the JP90 routine based on my understanding ding of the description of the exercises. A video of the routine would be nice so I can make sure I'm doing it correctly. Then I do 4 flaccid bend exercises. And i jelq with a jelq device I bought online instead of by hand for 10 minutes. If I notice I start becoming too erect I stop the timer and wait to it's the right time to do it again. I then finish by pumping for 10 minutes. I also use a rice sock to warm up and warm down. Sometimes I may do edging too. Do you all think that's a good routine? Also do any of you think that's doing too much? I'd love o hear your feedback.

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    You should be able to answer your own question by answering these questions:

    - Do you have good PIs?
    - Do you feel bigger?
    - Are you avoiding injury?
    - Are you being consistent?
    - Do you measure bigger?

    Listening to your body is always a good thing. Sometimes less is more. If you have to ask if you're doing too much, then you may be doing too much. Try a routine that is light for 2-3 months. If nothing changes, then change something in your routine.

    Can't go wrong with JP90