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  • A little help for my friend

    Do to some family issues, I've had to change my routine. I no longer have the house to myself in the afternoon. Last night I went to bed early to do my stretches. I couldn't warm up, so i went easy on 1st round of l,r,d,u, and s/o. I held each for about 10-15 deep breaths. Followed by 10 circles in each direction. I did it all again going just a little more aggressive on the stretches. I cut the s/o out and went only 5 on the circles. I took about 15 minutes to talk to my wife when she came to bed. I then did my kegels. I went pretty aggressive on my both front and back. If your still with me, here's my problem. I woke up last night with a raging erection. The reason it woke me is there was some pain on the right side where the ligs are. I was feeling around trying to figure it out, and my left lig felt massive, like damn is that mine? Anyway I massaged the fat pad and the erection went down to about a 6. It woke me up again doing same thing later. Now for the question, if your still here. Do you think it was the lack of warm up, or the really aggressive kegels? Honestly that was probably my hardest kegel routine ever.

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    I guess I should have picked a better title. Something like "Is 8" too small".


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      I think you should just do pe in the shower or in the bathrooom in general. Plus she is your wife, why are you so shy?
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        I'm not shy. My wife knows I do PE. She's even watched. My daughter moved back home. She's home when I get home from work. That's when I was doing my routine. I really don't want to explain to her why dad takes a warmed up rice bag to the bedroom for 30 mins in the afternoon. I've been going to bed a half hour earlier and doing my stretches then.


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          I have kids at home when I get off of work.

          My routine: always pop the rice sock in the microwave, ask them about their day, put the sock on my neck (because it feels good / gets the temp right for my esteemed member / they think it's a wind-down to a long day--which it is / etc.) and say, "see ya at dinner".

          Good luck!

          - Mega


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            This is why it's recommended to only change one part of your routine at a time. That way it's easier to specify what is causing PIs. Your situation is a little inconvenient so it's understandable why you had to completely change it up.

            Mega gave some good advice, but if you are uncomfortable with doing the rice sock still you can always get an electric heating pad or do fire starters. Both are silent and discreet. I don't think the kegels would cause pain in your ligs, but maybe try to return back to your usual volume and slowly increase it if you feel you need more, as oppose to a big increase.


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              Easy explanation for the rice sock which is what I tell my roomates mother who also lives here. He knows what I'm doing but she has no idea. I simply say I have some muscle aches and pains I'm trying to loosen up and it feels good and relaxes the muscle when heat is applied. Your daughter is much younger than you and she thinks you're old prone to aches and pains. This is the perfect 'cover' for the rice sock.

              As for the massive erection keeping you awake. I've had those many many times. It's just your dick trying to heal after getting put through the ropes. I pumped with the bathmate a couple days ago and the next morning my dude was HARD AS DIAMOND. I could have killed a man with it. The sum bit wasn't going anywhere either. I just get off real quick when this happens. I don't think its anything to worry about but always try to warm up imo. Maybe take a day or two off when your ligs feel stressed.
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                Could b3 several things unfortunately. Yes the kegels could cause muscle tightness which trapped more blood than usual. This tightness might cause pain the additional EQ might cause pain. Just doing your routine before bed might cause this.

                Always rest when painful. Keep an eye on things as you continue. Throw some RKs into routine. Good luck.
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                  I took a couple days off, and then decreased the amount of time per stretch. I also reduced the force of the stretch. I seem to be good now. I also stopped doing the kegels right after stretches. I do them earlier in the day.