I don't know about other people here, but recently I found that sometimes larger forces are better than very light forces.

I recently discovered that larger amounts of force is okay if your penis is at a low enough erection level and you do the jelq slow enough. However you need to change your grip. If you consider that a jelqing device consists of 2 flat rollers, when you squeeze down hard on a flaccid or semi-erect penis you won't be constricting the blood completely. The steel cord down the middle is thicker than the sides of your penis where the blood is.

I feel that this is the main reason why many say that jelqing devices give a much more intense and better jelq than your hand. Next time you jelq, squeeze your dick with your thumb and base of your index finger without forming an O-grip. Only do this at erection levels that are low enough that you can squeeze all the way down. There is an exact amount of blood that makes this exercise work the best. You want to be able to just barely squeeze all the way down. Then jelq very slowly.

If you want to jelq side to side, you can do this as well, but you have to be at an even lower erection level. When you do this, you'll notice 2 cords, one on top, one on bottom. Generally I try to squeeze only one cord at a time. This allows for the blood to flow more easily if you are at a higher erection level.

This is a great exercise to shock or fatigue your penis. Once you feel that your penis has undergone some fatigue, do lighter jelqs that don't involve any direct squeezing or rather pinching of the flaccid tissues.

The next time you jelq try light jelqing for 5 minutes, followed by more forceful jelqing at lower erection levels for 5 minutes, then finally do higher erection levels with light jelqing.

The idea here is to warm up your penis, then fatigue it a little bit, and end by gently stretching the tissues.