I'm surprised intermittent fasting is trending again. I know it was really big when I did it in 2014 and that was on the tale end of the fad. I think it was that lean gains site pushing the 4/16 schedule so hard, until he got called out for using steroids and abandoned his site. After that it kind of fizzled out for the gluten free and Paleo trends. Now I'm seeing the resurgence of low carb diet, which actually lowers testosterone and muscle.

About those YouTube stars..... As Alan Roberts on Every Damn Day Fitness said it "there are no experts in skipping breakfast!" Intermittent fasting is nothing more than starving yourself and then eating less calories in a shorter period of time. Because you can't eat as much you tend to eat less and more healthy foods full of protein and fiber which are very filling. You don't need an expert to tell you this but every YouTuber with a four pack and an Instagram booty will.