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Need Advice. Length and Girth Together?

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  • Need Advice. Length and Girth Together?

    Just looking for some advice and help so I can finally make some gains in girth.

    Iíve been doing PE for about 7 months now. Iíve gained about 0.4Ē in length, none in girth. Currently sitting at 6.6/6.75 x 5 BPEL.

    I really want both length and girth. My goal by the end of 2018 is 7x5.25 BPEL. Which I believe is completely realistic over the next 8 and a half months.

    I currently do 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. For length, fowfers, manual stretching in every direction, some almost flaccid jelqs. For girth, I superset clamping and pumping. My pump is some cheap $25 pump from a local store. I clamp using two thick rubber bands at the base, do that for 4-6 minutes, then take them off and straight into the pump for another 3-5 minutes (I start to go soft in the pump easily, I stay thick, but I lose length) and I switch back and forth between those two, supersetting them for 4-6 sets.

    I usually put on the bands to clamp when Iím semi hard. So I do some jelqs while clamped (usually 10) with about a 60% erection. I sometimes also jelq right after coming out of the pump.

    Some squeezes are also done while clamped. Or right after unclamping before going into the pump.

    I do all of this, the length and girth work mentioned, everyday, Monday through Friday. May seem like a lot, but my EQ is great and no negative PIís at all.

    So basically my question is, should I take more off days with the girth work? Is it okay to be combining length and girth work in the same day? Maybe alternate every other day - length day, girth day, length day, girth day, etc.

    Or, maybe what Iím doing is just fine but I just have to give it more time?

    Any advice, opinions/ideas are welcomed.

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    Jelqing almost flaccid is useless, don't waste your time on it. Using ruber bands for clamping is also useless. It's not going to create the internal pressure you need for gains.

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