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Can't Relax Pelvic Floor

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  • Can't Relax Pelvic Floor

    I've been doing front kegels and back kegels every other day, yoga stretches, deep breathing but Im still struggling with keeping my pelvic floor relaxed while masturbating/ having sex.
    I know how it feels when my pelvic floor is relaxed but the difficult thing is deep breathing through my stomach and also trying to consciously relax my pelvic floor. I think if i can master that, I'll be able to last as long as i want.
    Maybe I'm doing the wrong yoga poses. I do downward dog, child's pose, planking, and that one where you're lying on your back with knees bent and you do a thrust in the air and hold it for 10 secs.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hindi squat is the most commonly used yoga pose onsite . Some do deep breathing and rk whilst in this pose .