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Maximizing stretches force

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  • Maximizing stretches force

    Hi there. It is me again, with personal technique how to maximize force applied to stretching penis. Once again, if this don`t work for you, I am sorry for your wasted time and do not be mad on me But I can ensure that it works for me

    • I am almost sure, that most of you guys do stretches while sitting on their chair. So am I. And it is perfect for this method.
    • This method basically have three stages of intensity and you are able to choose between them freely.
    • It works best for straight, bundled stretches ( as far as I know).

    1. First level of intensity is basically sitting down on the edge of chair and doing your basic stretches.
    2. Second level of intensity: Before doing stretching ( bundled or straight stretches ) spread your knees to form 90 degrees corner. Now begin the stretch and slowly draw your knees closer to each other while keeping your penis strongly stretched. You will fill that stretch strengthened even more.
    3. Repeat second level, but this time (after bringing your knees together and keeping that intense stretch) slowly lean forward with your upper body. It will create hell of a stretch!

    I would like to know if it helped you. Please try and tell about your experience Cheers!!

    P.S. Sorry for grammar and vocabulary mistakes ( English is not my mother tongue ).