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PE for Prostate cancer survivors

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  • PE for Prostate cancer survivors

    Hi all. I’m just getting started in earnest with PE. I wonder if there are any prostate cancer survivors engaged in PE with any advice. Not having a a prostate changes things in the pelvic area. The first of which is the urethra ends up shorts after surgery, and in my case, some significant “turtling” has taken place over time. My EQ was significantly affected after but seems to be improving with jelqing. I wonder if there are any exercises which tend to produce better results for someone in my circumstance.

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    There are guys which have had prestate issues onsite . I don't know about cancer though . Do you have a kegel/reverse kegel routine to help with eq and toilet issues ? Edging may help.


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      Some men get extensive nerve damage after their procedures. You did mention EQ improving- so this is an excellent sign!

      If your EQ is deficient then building this up to a satisfactory level should be your priority. From there, engaging in a full routine will be more productive.

      That being said, light jelqs (as you've confirmed) can be conducive to aiding better erections.
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        Thanks for the input. I’ll be sure to post progress.