The new routine you are suggesting in your first post seems pretty boring. And your old routine too is pretty robotic. Not fun at all! I would not be able to follow them but I hope you can - it's your penis, not mine.

I don't say this in a bad way. I just mean that if you have not gained during these 6 months, the next routine you will follow should be something that gives you energy and motivation. It should feel fun to do, not just a list of things to follow. It should not be just '1, 2, 3, 4, 5...200 jelqs, done!'

Three months ago I started a thread where I was asking guys about the routine styles and it seems that I am pretty much alone with my free-style idea.

I agree with EQKing here that hanging should be almost the last resort. When you have done your newbie, intermediate and even advanced exercises, then you can start hanging. And I think clamping and pumping go to the same category - last resort! The world of PE is full of length and girth exercises you can do with your own two hands so it just feels like you are skipping over some very nice, fun penis exercises if you start hanging just after few months.

But mate if you decide that this routine you are suggesting is the best one for you, then go for it! Try it out and let's see what happens.